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  • Word-of-the-Month: Ship’s Ladder

    A ship’s ladder is used in commercial construction to provide access to mezzanines and roofs. It can be vertical or inclined, but cannot exceed a vertical climb of more than 20 feet. An inclined ship’s ladder must be at an angle between 50 and 70 degrees and have handrails on.. More

    2 Feb 2015 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: Vertical Terminal Air Conditioning

    A Vertical Terminal Air Conditioning (VTAC) system is a convenient, cost-efficient heating and cooling option commonly found in multi-unit living facilities such as hotels, apartments, senior housing, and assisted living. Unlike the Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) unit, which is installed under the exterior window, a VTAC unit sits in a.. More

    1 Jan 2015 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: Detention Basin

    A detention basin, also known as a dry or holding pond, is an area where excess stormwater is held for a limited period of a time following large amounts of rain to protect against flooding, and in some cases, erosion. Unlike retention basins, detention basins are not designed to have a permanent pool of.. More

    1 Dec 2014 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: Vertical Closed Loop

    There are four types of geothermal heat exchange systems: a vertical closed loop, vertical open loop, horizontal closed loop, and horizontal open loop. In a vertical closed loop (VCL) configuration, a series of holes are bored into the ground from 50 to 400 feet in depth. Polyethylene tubing extends to.. More

    1 Nov 2014 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: B3 Guidelines

    Buildings, Benchmarks & Beyond (B3) Guidelines are sustainable building design guidelines created by the Minnesota Departments of Administration and Commerce in 2000. These guidelines are used during the design of new commercial buildings or major renovations to meet sustainability goals for a variety of categories associated with site, water, energy,.. More

    1 Oct 2014 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: Lick & Stick Masonry

    “Lick and stick” masonry is a thin veneer exterior finish system that is used on both building exteriors and interiors to simulate natural stone. Molded out of concrete and manufactured to look nearly identical to natural stone in color, shape, and texture, these thin veneer systems are cost-effective, lightweight, and.. More

    1 Sep 2014 |