Hospitality PIP – Chapters 1-5


A Strategic Approach to Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

The following White Paper series outlines the considerations hotel owners must weigh before implementing a Property Improvement Plan.

Evaluate Your Property

Hotels best equipped to provide a comfortable and customized experience will thrive in the highly-competitive hospitality market. Work through our list of key items that build lasting guest loyalty when deciding what upgrades to include in your PIP. Chapter One

Meet Brand Standards

Brand standards can dictate many aesthetic decisions for a hotel in addition to capital improvements. It ensures that all hotels within a brand have elements in common, which builds brand perception in the market. Use brand standards to protect your investment and stay relevant when making recommended updates every five-to-six years. Chapter Two

Build Mock-Up Rooms

Mock-up rooms are a vital tool for risk mitigation in a hospitality construction project. It is important to walk through the details step-by-step and work out any kinks before you invest the time and money needed to replicate the design throughout your property. Chapter Three

Select a Stellar Team

Understanding the overall approach for a strategic PIP enables you to create synergy between the hospitality brand, owner, designer, builder, and municipalities involved. Collaborating with the right team also allows you to navigate priorities and be better prepared to make important decisions. Chapter Four

Choose the Right Delivery Format

Learn how different contractual methods dictate how design and construction teams work together throughout the entire process, from consulting to project completion. Chapter Five


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