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  • IIMN: Groundbreaking for the Next Century

    On June 10th, the International Institute of Minnesota will be celebrating a "Groundbreaking for the Next Century." The Institute is expanding its space to meet the needs of New Americans, enrich our state and empower each new generation to thrive. For more information about the Institute, click here.  

    8 Jun 2021 |
  • PRESS RELEASE: IIMN Hires Stahl to Manage Facility Expansion

    Minneapolis, MN; April 20, 2021  – The International Institute of Minnesota (IIMN) is expanding their space to increase their ability and capacity to serve more New Americans and grow the number of services offered. IIMN’s current building, located at 1694 Como Avenue in St. Paul, will undergo a 10-month renovation.. More

    22 Apr 2021 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: Critical Path Method

    Critical Path Method A critical path method, or CPM, is an algorithm of scheduling a set of project activities. It is a model that includes considering the complete list of tasks required to complete the project, the dependencies between various tasks, and the estimate of time each task will take.. More

    1 Mar 2021 |