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  • Ankeny Community School Foundation Golf Tournament

    Stahl will be a tee box sponsor at the upcoming Ankeny Community School Foundation Golf Tournament to show our support for the school and community. Cathy Schmidt, President & CEO, will be attending to meeting everyone at the tournament. The golf tournament will take place Wednesday, June 29th at Briarwood.. More

    18 May 2022 | ,
  • The Sandwich Project

    Stahl will be making 400 sandwiches for The Sandwich Project on May 10, 2022 at our office and delivering them to Simpson Food Shelf & Groveland Food Shelf. The Sandwich Project exists to serve those with food insecurity through bringing community volunteers and community partners together to serve those in.. More

    7 Mar 2022 | ,
  • Word-of-the-Month: Critical Path Method

    Critical Path Method A critical path method, or CPM, is an algorithm of scheduling a set of project activities. It is a model that includes considering the complete list of tasks required to complete the project, the dependencies between various tasks, and the estimate of time each task will take.. More

    1 Mar 2021 |