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  • Word-of-the-Month: Green Roof

    A green roof is contained space on top of a building used to grow plants. Vegetation is planted above grade and incorporated into building designs for its aesthetics, sustainability impact, and community health benefits.Green roofs are often modular in design with interlocking grid systems. Grid systems allow for easy installation.. More

    5 Apr 2017 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: Whitewash

    Whitewash is a thin-consistency paint made of water, chalk, and lime. It easily absorbs into the medium being ‘washed’ instead of adhering to the surface like a traditional paint. Whitewash is often applied to masonry because it is porous and otherwise difficult to clean. Stone, brick, and rough-cut lumber are.. More

    1 Mar 2017 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: Proscenium

    Proscenium refers to the open space directly above a theatrical stage. It is the vertical plane between the curtain, orchestra, and scenery. A three-sided arch physically separates the stage from the rest of the theater or auditorium. It provides a ‘window’ into which the audience observes a performance. Proscenium construction.. More

    1 Feb 2017 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: SAC

    SAC is an acronym that stands for Sewer Availability Charge. It is a one-time fee that a local jurisdiction charges when a residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional property first connects to the regional wastewater (sewer) system. In the Twin Cities, where our headquarters is located, the Metropolitan Council is the.. More

    4 Jan 2017 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: Architectural Scalies

    Scalies are computer-generated, 2D models of people designed to look realistic. Architects often incorporate scalies in their renderings to help clients visualize the human scale and functionality of a proposed project. Scalies show how the design and construction will blend into the local community upon completion. Thanks to advances in.. More

    6 Dec 2016 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: Woonerf

    A woonerf is a mixed-use road without curbs. It combines both street and sidewalk. Woonerfs are designed to reduce driving speeds and inspire a casual pedestrian-centered community. Color variations in the pavement visually separates the space. Physical barriers are created with strategically placed benches and landscaping. Woonerf means ‘living street.’.. More

    1 Nov 2016 |
  • Word-of-the-Month: Transom

    A transom is a horizontal structural beam that separates doors and windows. The crosspieces are typically made out of wood or stone. The uniquely-located window above a doorframe is called a ‘transom light.’ Transom lights are common features found in old offices and historic buildings. The open-latch designs increase light.. More

    5 Oct 2016 |