Word-of-the-Month: Bollard

A bollard is a short, vertical post used to create a protective or architectural perimeter and is installed as a visual guide to control traffic or as a security feature to block vehicle incursion and to protect people and property. Bollards control traffic intake by limiting possible movements or speed by narrowing available space.

Types of bollards include road, maritime, protective, dragon’s teeth, and lighting. Bollards can be made from almost any material, depending on their needed function, but the most common bollards are metal, stone, cement, or plastic. Security bollards may have decorative elements or be chosen to complement the landscape, but their primary consideration is resistance to impact forces.

Fun Fact
The term bollard has been used since 1844 and originally referred to a post on a ship or quay used principally for mooring boats.

Stahl is installing retractable bollards for the City of Wayzata as part of the Panoway on Wayzata Bay revitalization project. Retractable bollards allow for a wider area to drive into, and they can both close off and extend the driving lane. Pictured above, the retractable bollards on this driving lane will be used for garbage truck and dumpster access associated with the local businesses.