Word-of-the-Month: Cone Laser

Cone Laser

A cone laser is used to create the precise curved slope of a baseball or softball outfield. To make uniformed slopes, the laser is set in the center of the infield to create a level reference along a circle that intersects with the bases and home plate.

Beyond the infield reference circle, the cone laser is warped to slope down at a specified grade to the perimeter of the outfield. This laser guideline then controls the grading equipment during the shaping of the field, leaving a smooth, well-transitioned slope from the baselines to the outfield fence.

Fun Fact
Baseball and softball fields feature a sloped outfield to help prevent drainage from occurring in the infield. The slope of the outfield determines not only where drainage pools but also the field’s playability in damp weather.

Stahl completed a baseball and softball field addition next to Johnston Middle School and Wallace Elementary School for Johnston Community School District in June 2019.