Word-of-the-Month: Demising Wall

 November 2017
A demising wall is a specially constructed wall or partition that separates two different uses or occupancies. The walls are typically found in retail strip malls and commercial or residential buildings with multiple tenants.

The construction of a demising wall is inherently important to comply with building codes related to fire, smoke and sound. There are many types of demising walls, some of which are reusable and movable to give flexibility or to redefine a space.

Fun Fact

A demising wall is also known as a party wall.

Demising Wall

A demising wall separates one guest room from the next guest room and corridor at a hotel project Stahl is currently building in Orlando, FL. The wall is a one-hour interior rated wall (fire resistant for a designated time period) that is insulated, fire caulked and acoustically sealed.