Word-of-the-Month: Drywall


Drywall is used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. Also known as plasterboard, wallboard, sheetrock, or gypsum board. Drywall is a panel made of gypsum (mined mineral) and typically extruded between thick sheets of heavy paper.

To install drywall, first the board is screwed into framing or ceiling joists, the seams are concealed with “joint tape,” several layers of mud are applied, and sanded into a smooth surface for painting.

Fun Fact
Modern drywall was developed from the previously commonly used plasterboard between 1910 – 1930. The use of drywall in construction helps to decrease construction costs and installation time.

Stahl installed drywall for the soon-to-be-completed renovation and addition at the Center for Performing Arts (CfPA). Pictured above are the crews working through the entire installation process.