Word-of-the-Month: Frost Ripping

February 2018
Frost ripping mechanically breaks up frozen compacted soil layers. A tooth-style frost ripping hook is attached to an excavator or backhoe to penetrate tough environments such as frozen ground. A single-tooth ripper is used to dig up the soil and a scraper is used to remove the materials from the site.

Fun Fact

The frost ripping process can take several hours or days depending on how deep the frost runs underground. Using frost ripping keeps a construction project moving during winter months.

Frost Ripping Image

Stahl is currently working on a Ladybug Child Care project in Shakopee, MN where a frost ripper was used to penetrate through 6″-8″ of frost on the site. Following the completion of the retaining wall, the frost ripping was performed in order to install playground equipment in January 2018.