Word-of-the-Month: Guy-line

July 2017

A guy-line is a tensioned wire cable used to support and stabilize large construction cranes. It diagonally connects the top of the crane’s mast to the end of its horizontal boom. The lines counterbalance the crane and allow it to withstand heavy loads while resisting the effects of wind. If the mast moves, guy-lines pull tighter, which transfers the energy into a compression force to steady the tower. Guy-lines often work together in sets of three and are spaced radially with equal angles.

3.20.17 Pour 3    It's a BuildingMultiple guy-lines support the crane being used to construct our multi-unit project in Florida.

Fun Fact

Taglines are also found on cranes! Taglines are manually-tensioned cables used to steady and control the load’s sway and rotation while the crew maintains a safe distance. The lines allow workers to guide the load’s lift or landing to avoid potentially dangerous collisions with nearby buildings, equipment, and electrical lines. Taglines are made of soft fibers, such as nylon and polypropylene, to prevent injuries. Wires conduct electricity and would shock the handler if it accidentally hit a live electrical system. Taglines are more effective the closer the load is to the ground. Vertical lines can only be pulled down. Horizontal lines can be simultaneously pulled down and out for twice the control.

Taglines    Taglines 2Left: Crew at our Florida project released taglines once the construction beam reached the top of the structure. Right: Worker using a tagline to steady and position a heavy load.