Word-of-the-Month: Construction Hoist

Hyatt Place - Centre VillageA construction hoist is a temporary elevator constructed on the outside of a building to transport both materials and personnel to elevated worksites. Construction hoists are typically used on large scale projects and they vary in load-bearing capacity, maximum lifting speeds and heights. Many hoist cars (cages) are fully enclosed, move vertically along stacked tower sections attached to the building, and feature safeguards to prevent injury.

Stahl Construction recently used a construction hoist on the Hyatt Place – Centre Village renovation in downtown Minneapolis. The hotel occupies six stories starting on the 8th floor of a 26-story building. Thus, a creative solution was needed to transport the enormous magnitude of materials present during demolition and construction as all six internal elevators were being modernized simultaneously. As a result, a hoist elevator was installed along 8th Street and openings were created on all six floors of the hotel to move the materials.