Word-of-the-Month: Living Building Challenge

Living Building Challenge
The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is an ever-evolving human health and ecological impact standard, which provides certification based on the actual performance of a space, rather than the modeled projection.  

The LBC program is comprised of seven categories, or petals. The petals include place, water, energy, health and happiness, materials, equity, and beauty. For a project to be considered for LBC certification, it must take a holistic approach and address these petals in its design and construction.

Fun Fact
The LBC program believes that regenerative design should be attainable to everyone, everywhere. Therefore, since there are a variety of building methods and scopes possible, the qualification petal standards can be scaled up or down, depending on the project’s location and building type.

Together, MSR Design and Stahl transformed the existing 14,000-square-foot white shell located in downtown Minneapolis into an innovative, highly sustainable, collaborative workplace by focusing on achieving three distinct petal certifications, beauty, equity, and material selection, through the LBC program.