Word-of-the-Month: Mock-up Room

Mock-up Room

A mock-up room is a single, full-sized model built within a multi-unit facility, such as a hotel or multi-family apartment building that is used as an example for the expanded team to review, adjust and utilize as a template for further construction. The prototype is meant to test the functionality, design, and constructability of the unit before the design is applied to the remaining units in the building.

A two-phased review is often used so adjustments can be made before the entire building is built out. During the rough in mock-up the framework of the unit is exposed and allows the team to consider electrical, plumbing and backing. The second phase is a finished mock-up where the team can review all of the finishes from material installation, layout, style, and staging of the room.

Fun Fact
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulates many elements in the built environment to ensure the resulting facilities are accessible to people of all abilities. In hospitality and multi-family projects, items to pay special attention to include the location of grab bar and door frame widths. Compliance with these regulations can be confirmed in a mock-up room, should you select an ADA room to serve as the mock-up for the project.

Left: A rough mock-up room at AC Hotel by Marriott in Bloomington, MN shows the framework of the final hotel room design. The Stahl team built simple wood objects to illustrate where furniture would reside in the room, enabling the owner group to fully consider functionality of their decisions. Right: A finished mock-up room at the Hyatt Place in downtown Minneapolis displays the choice in decorations, flooring, furniture, lighting, and paint color.