Word-of-the-Month: Modular


Modular construction is the process of manufacturing a building in sections in an off-site factory and delivering the sections to the construction site for assembly. Designed and built according to traditional specifications and with conventional materials, modular construction utilizes a controlled factory environment to allow for a safer, faster, and more cost-efficient construction process.

Often, modular construction allows for a project to be completed in half the time since site work and prefabrication can occur simultaneously and is considered a more environmentally friendly construction method as it reduces the amount of waste generated and site disturbances.

Fun Fact

The first recorded instance of modular construction occurred in the 1830s. John Manning, an English carpenter, built a prefabricated home in London and shipped it to Australia for assembly.

As a consulting and construction partner, Stahl is undertaking its first modular construction project 636 Townhomes. The 14,620-square-foot, 10-unit complex will be home in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota (rendering courtesy of D/O Architects).