Word-of-the-Month: Open Web Steel Joist

Open Web Steel Joist
An open web steel joist is a lightweight structural engineering element that provides direct support for roofing and flooring. The steel truss consists of parallel chords and a triangular web system that spans the length between bearing points. This helps the truss to transfer the weight load of the roof or floor to connecting beams and columns.

Fun Fact
The first joist was developed in 1923 and resembled the Warren truss. Within six years, the first standard specifications were adopted to implement industry standards for joists later identified as open web steel joists.Army National Guard Readiness CenterThe 135,000-square-foot Army National Guard Readiness Center in Arden Hills, MN will use open web steel joists to support its roofing system. (Rendering courtesy of LEO A DALY)