Word-of-the-Month: Outrigger


Cranes are often a common site, dotting the backgrounds of cities, harbors, and downtowns throughout the world. A critical component of creating a solid, safe, and level foundation for a crane is an outrigger. An outrigger is the beam that extends from a crane’s bottom, which stabilizes the load on the ground.

Outriggers typically have a foot (or float) that will rest and distribute appropriately allocated weight onto pads. These pads help distribute the pressure of the load across a larger area on the ground.

Fun Fact
Information on crane usage throughout North America is compiled biannually and according to the most recent data, Toronto, alone has a whopping 43% of the total cranes currently erected with 208 cranes throughout the city. Following closely are Washington, DC and Seattle with 45 and 43 respectively.

As part of the addition and renovation at the International Institute of Minnesota in St. Paul, MN, our crews are using a crane to raise steel for the roofing and skylight components. Elements of the crane are labeled above (1 – outrigger beam, 2 – outrigger float, and 3 – outrigger pads).