Word-of-the-Month: Proscenium

February Heading

Proscenium refers to the open space directly above a theatrical stage. It is the vertical plane between the curtain, orchestra, and scenery. A three-sided arch physically separates the stage from the rest of the theater or auditorium. It provides a ‘window’ into which the audience observes a performance.

Proscenium construction facilitates the creation of the actors’ imaginary world by keeping ‘tricks-of-the-trade’ hidden from the audience’s view. The design allows for a subtle transition between cast and scene while creating a one-directional performance.

Fun Fact

Proscenium beams can easily weigh 75,000 pounds! They are typically made entirely out of iron because it is incombustible. Proscenium beams also provide load-bearing support to the surrounding structure.

Johnston Ext. Proscenium

Johnston HS

PAC Prscenium

Providence PAC

Zimm Aud HH

Zimmerman HS/MS

Stahl is currently creating proscenium theaters within three school projects. Each photo represents a different phase of construction to help illustrate the core structure and its purpose.