Word-of-the-Month: Pull Planning

Pull Planning
Pull planning consists of developing a coordinated plan to complete work for a project or phase utilizing a backward pass. The process includes all who are directly responsible for supervising the work on the project to help create buy-in from all project participants.

Fun Fact
Pull planning is part of the Last Planner System, which has become a standard practice in the AEC industry. To make a great plan, the system consists of three rules. One, “pull” is the heart of pull planning (and is done at the “pull” of the subcontractor); two, collaborating means understanding each other’s work and planning together for what is best for the entire team; and three, commitment of each task is personal – we never move someone else’s sticky note.

Stahl led a collaborative pull planning session with sub-contractors for the new 135,000-square-foot Army National Guard’s Readiness Center in Arden Hills, MN.