Founded in 1981 by owner and CEO Wayne Stahl, Stahl Construction is a mid-size, full-service company that provides quality, competitively priced pre-construction and construction services with a focus on providing great service and personal attention.

Stahl has a staff of 35 construction professionals—engineers, project managers, field superintendents, and support personnel—who bring to their projects a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields. We approach our work with positive “can-do” attitudes and operate in an open, collaborative manner, which makes us particularly well-suited for working in a team environment.

With a workload of just 8–10 carefully selected projects at any one time, we can afford to devote the time and effort necessary to add value and make a positive difference for our clients, something larger firms may not be able to do.

During the early stages of a project, we provide expertise and guidance with respect to planning, conceptual and detailed estimating, scheduling, value engineering, plan reviews, sustainable design impact, and bidding strategies, all of which contribute to greater efficiency, lower costs, and increased value. Once construction starts, we utilize proven systems and processes to ensure that our work is of the highest quality and that our projects finish on time and under budget.

At Stahl we believe it is important to maintain a balance of negotiated and competitively bid work. Our negotiated work requires that we operate in an open, collaborative manner to support the designers and their efforts, while ensuring that our client’s goals and objectives are achieved. Our competitively bid work forces us to stay current on market trends such as pricing and new construction materials and methods. Each makes us better at the other and together they make us a more well-rounded construction professional and a greater resource for our clients.