Founded in 1981 by current CEO and owner Wayne Stahl, Stahl Construction provides owners with quality pre-construction and construction services. Since opening our doors we have built a strong reputation for consistently delivering quality, efficient, affordable projects on time and under budget.

With an average annual volume of $100 million and eight to ten projects at any one time, Stahl might be considered a “mid-size” company—substantial enough to be full-service yet not so big that we can’t provide the kind of personal attention that you want on your project.

Stahl has a staff of construction professionals—engineers, project managers, field superintendents, and support personnel—who bring to every project a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Stahl employees approach their work with positive, “can-do” attitudes and operate in an open, collaborative manner, which makes them particularly well-suited for working in a team environment.

Stahl maintains a balance of negotiated and general contracting work, which directly benefits our clients. Negotiated work requires us to support our client’s goals and objectives while maintaining the architect’s design intent. Lump-sum general contracting keeps us current on market trends including pricing, and new materials and methods. Each makes us better at the other and together they make us a more well-rounded construction professional and a greater resource for our clients.