Working with Public Groups

It’s one thing to spend your own money and make your own decisions. When acting on someone else’s behalf, however, the bar gets raised and the standards are higher. Boards and committees are charged with spending public money wisely and prudently and making decisions that are in the public’s best interest. The process isn’t always easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. But owners don’t have to go it alone. We’ve been down that road a few times and can help.

Having worked in the public arena for years on more than 100 projects, we understand how public organizations function, and are sensitive to group members in terms of positions, intentions, and needs. We are comfortable working with boards, committees, and other public groups that are made up of people who digest information at varying speeds and reach conclusions in different ways.

Our patience with the public process and our ability to operate with accountability and transparency make Stahl particularly well-suited for this kind of work.