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Jasper County Secondary Roads Maintenance Yard

The new Jasper County Maintenance Yard provides truck parking, maintenance bays, fuel storage and dispensing, and salt storage to support the County’s Secondary Roads Department. Responsible for the quality and safety of the local roadway system, the Secondary Roads Department maintains over 1,000 miles of road and more than 300 bridges.

Phase one of the maintenance yard project focuses on construction of a 11,900 square foot, single-story outbuilding, equipped with multiple overhead sectional doors and an outbuilding for electrical service, fiber optic cable, incoming gas service, and pesticide storage. This sets the foundation for phase two of the development, beginning in 2024. It will expand the yard area, establish a second access drive, and construct a 7,800 square foot shop building and a 16,000 square foot maintenance facility with office space for the Secondary Roads Department.

The original yard faced limitations, due to the various structures that were built over different eras, hindering functionality and efficiency. The new facility addresses these shortcomings, providing a consolidated space that accommodates plow trucks, offers improved vehicle maintenance capabilities, and protects assets from harsh weather conditions. Once complete, the newly developed seven-acre yard will replace the original four-acre site.

Engaging the Community
An important goal of this project was to engage the Amish community. Renowned for their craftsmanship and ability to deliver cost-effective solutions on a fast tract schedule, the Amish team brought a distinct skill set to this project. By embracing this collaboration, Stahl and Jasper County was able to not only tap into this pool of skilled workers but also support sustainable, community-oriented practices. This partnership both fostered economic growth for the Amish community and helped to meet the evolving infrastructure needs of the county.


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