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Montgomery Place

Montgomery Place offers 24 one-bedroom apartments in two boutique buildings in the Union Park neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota. Each unit is a corner apartment with abundant light and a large living area. They are designed for comfort and convenience, with high ceilings, in-unit laundry, stainless-steel appliances, tall cabinetry, and elegant countertops. It features an inward-facing gathering space outside, at the entry, flanked by rain gardens. The location is highly walkable, with easy access to coffee, groceries, restaurants, bus routes, and bike paths.  

Montgomery Place is classified as Missing Middle Housing, bridging the gap between single-family homes and large-scale apartment complexes. This type of housing is often lacking in housing markets, and offers many benefits, such as increased affordability, higher urban density, and the preservation of neighborhood character.  

This was a unique project in respect to how much space was provided to build the apartment complex. Each of the two buildings are three-stories, with only 3,000 square feet on each level. The team had to think creatively about how to maximize the use of space, ensure the comfort and functionality of each apartment, and adhere to building codes and regulations.  

Building the apartments on a tight site in the urban neighborhood also presented unique challenges such as limited space, noise restrictions, and strict zoning laws. We provided innovative solutions, such as just-in-time delivery for materials, as well as careful planning and collaboration with city officials to help navigate zoning regulations and permits. 


Streetfront Development

Locus Architecture

St Paul, MN

New Construction

18,000 SF