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MSR Design

Stahl completed construction of MSR Design’s new office in downtown Minneapolis. The highly sustainable, 14,000-square-foot collaborative workplace located in the 510 Marquette building houses 53 employees and eight office dogs.

Together, MSR Design and Stahl utilized the Living Building Challenge (LBC) framework to direct design scope. The LBC program focuses on the overall impact in which built environments have on a building’s occupants and surrounding community. Compliant projects consider the future sustainability of all building components, including material life-cycle, community integration, human health impact, and self-sufficiency.

MSR Design and Stahl are working to achieve three distinct petal certifications: beauty, equity, and material selection through the LBC program, which is based on actual performance of the space and can only be awarded after at least one year of occupancy.

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MSR Design

Minneapolis, MN

New Construction

14,000 SF