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Eden Prairie MnDOT Truck Station

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is responsible for maintenance, servicing, and readiness of MnDOT’s vehicle fleet, ensuring that roads are safe and passable through snowplowing and de-icing season. It also serves as a central hub for coordinating emergency responses, road repairs, and infrastructure maintenance, while providing storage for road maintenance materials, equipment, and supplies—playing a vital role in sustaining the state’s transportation network, public safety, and the overall efficiency of road maintenance operations.

To accommodate regional growth and aging infrastructure, the MnDOT Eden Prairie Truck Station is adding 28,600 square feet, including heated vehicle storage, repair and bridge crew bays, and additional office space. Existing offices and conference rooms in the original 24,500 square foot building are also being renovated and the existing parking lot will be resurfaced.

Commitment to Green Building Practices
To reduce energy costs, the project followed Minnesota Buildings, Benchmarks & Beyond (B3 Benchmarking) standards—a Minnesota standard compatible with LEED guidelines, while incorporating regional priorities and requirements. B3 Benchmarking ensures improved energy efficiency, cost savings, regulatory compliance, enhanced reputation, and long-term sustainability. By analyzing performance metrics and industry benchmarks, the project team was able to make informed choices to optimize the truck station’s building performance, reduce operational costs, meet regulatory requirements, and maintain sustainability. Ultimately, this ensures the long-term success and efficiency of the truck station.

Throughout demolition, the project team has made a concerted effort to track and recycle demolition materials, utilizing on site dumpsters to separate metal and other reusable materials and diverting significant building materials from area landfills.

Engaging the Community
Stahl is deeply committed to engaging a diverse workforce. Creating meaningful opportunities for the community and increasing the number of women and people of color in the construction trades is a true win/win for diversity, equity, and inclusion. This project has Targeted Group (TG), Economically Disadvantaged (ED), and Veteran-Owned (VO) Small Business (TG/ED/VO) subcontracting goals of 6%. MnDOT also set workforce participation goals of 32% for BIPOC (black, indigenous, and other people of color) and 20% for female workforce. Although the project doesn’t complete until fall of 2024, we are projected to meet all goals established.

Minnesota Department of Administration


Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Addition, Renovation

65,000 SF